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Top 10 Christmas Stage Designs

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Christmas is coming up on us like a freight train. And there are many who still haven’t decided what they’ll do for Christmas this year. To make things a bit simpler, I put together a list of my top 10 favorite Christmas stage designs. Get inspired by these or even mimic one completely.

Good luck and merry Christmas!

10. Candle Chandeliers

10 - Candle Chandeliers

This is the perfect stage design for a more intimate setting. Go crazy with candles all over the place for an amazing silent night.

9. Tree’s Company

9 - Trees Company

Do Christmas trees a bit differently by making your own. They take light well and fill a bunch of space.

8. Upside Down Christmas

8 - Upside Down Christmas

Turn Christmas into a cave. These Christmas trees turn into stalactites when hung from the ceiling.

7. Mountains and Stars

7 - Mountains and Stars

Put a lovely wood texture on the back wall of your stage. It’ll bring a bunch of warmth to the Christmas season.

6. Frosty Windows

6 - Frosty Windows

Give your stage a cold wintry look by repurposing window panes.

5. Spheres and Trees

Nov 2009 511

Shrink your audience and make them feel like they’re living in the Christmas tree—surrounded by ornaments and branches.

4. Glowing Hives

4 - Glowing Hives

This is a glittery and fun stage design that feels like crafty snowflakes.

3. Make Believe

3 - Make Believe

This exaggerated child’s room set is the perfect way to introduce childlike wonder and magic into your Christmas services.

2. Conical Christmas

2 - Conical Christmas

This simple design turns your stage into an illustrated comic book of Christmasness.

1. Cubist Staines Glass

1 - Cubist Stained Glass

Finally, what a wonderful way to bring liturgy into a modern space without losing the edge of the current.


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