Special Event Design

Walking Dead

Josh Gilson from New Life Church in San Diego, CA brings us this stage design for their series based on AMC’s “The Walking Dead”.

Their set, design, audio, video and graphics were all done in-house and were 100% original to avoid any copyrights. They also created a website to help promote the new series: areyouwalkingdead.com.

Their Budget was $800, but they ended up doing it for around $700. A lot of the materials they had left around from older sets or were donated.

Guard Tower:
– About $250 in paid materials
– Polycarbonate (Tough Plexiglas) for the window.
– Wood for backing, window frames & misc framing.
– 4′ x 8′ sheet of 2″ foam for roof
– Lots of black, red, brown and gray spray paint.
– Thin metal for walkway
– Metal grates for walkway
– Fencing & poles
– Fake barbed wire from Halloween Store.

– $50 in materials
– Lots of old tires
– Lots of blades to cut the tires
– Corrugated Metal
– Misc. Metal pieces
– 55 Gallon Barrels (1 they cut in half)
– Lots of spray paint

– About $400 in Materials
– The Bus was found on Craigslist for free, but they had to tow it and rip it up.
– Cut into 4 large pieces: top/windows, driver side, front, bumper, wheel & steering wheel added.
– 575w Pars added for head lights
– 13′ long side of the bus put on stage
– The bus was about 8′ wide
– They used trussing, wood framing and anchors to keep the bus together.
– It was very heavy.

Additional Photos:
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