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Color Tangles

Christopher Wilson from Vintage Church in New Orleans, LA brings us this

They wanted to create depth and use the full height of their stage with this design. They adapted a similar idea and made it work for their space.

They built 5 string frames: two 3’x8′, two 6’x5′, and one 6.5’x14′. The largest frame was built a specific size to be used in their only permanent gathering space.

Materials used:
Various lengths of 2’x4′
White Twisted Polypropylene Rope
Fencing staples (to feed rope through)
Paint (Color: Sealskin)
Wood Glue
Aircraft cable and hardware for hanging

They spent about $200 on materials. They had leftover paint that they were able to use, so that saved them a considerable amount of money.

They spent a couple of weeks on the process, but only working half days at a time until the week before Easter.

To assemble the frames, they cut the lumber to the desired lengths, then glued and screwed them together, and painted them. Then they hammered in fencing staples along the inside edges at three different depths, to give an added sense of depth in the individual frames. Then they ran the string through, which was definitely the most tedious part of the process. They used 6400′ of rope: 800′ on each of the 4 smaller frames, and 3200′ on the largest frame.

To create depth, they hung the frames on three different depth planes, as well as staggering and slightly overlapping the edges of each frame width-wise.

They lit the frames with a combination of LED fixtures: Chauvet Slim Par, Chauvet RGB Colorband, and a couple different models of movers. They already had (or had access to) all of the lights, so that saved them some money.

One thing they had to add in the process were supports for the larger frame. Since it was so wide, they had to put 3 vertical 2’x4’s to add support. They painted these a different color, Pewter Cast, so that they would blend in with the wall in the auditorium this frame was currently installed in.







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2 responses to “Color Tangles”

  1. John Weaver says:

    Hey, great design you guys! I’m interested in doing something similar and wondered what thickness rope you used & where you got it? I’m trying to find the most cost effective way to do it. Also, did you figure out a system to make it simpler running the rope through the staples? Or any other pointers? Thanks!

    • Cole Fullerton says:

      Hi, I’m looking at incorporating this into a stage I am designing. I am also wondering what thickness of the Polypropylene that you used. Please let me know. Thanks, Cole.

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