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Shaun Ortman from Heartland Church in Indianapolis, IN brings us this sun beam effect for their stage.

For Easter they were looking for a sun beam effect on the stage. Of course it had to be low cost but look really great. They tried caution tape at first, but found “flag tape” at a local hardware store for $.60/roll. It was solid white and reflected light really well.

The rest was just thumb tacking strands into the drywall or a clamped 2″x4″ in the rigging. They stretched them tight and put some LED lights on the top, middle, and bottom for color blending. The entire project took 4 hours and cost less than $10. The rolls of flag tape were 300′ long and 1.5″ wide each and they only used 150′ off 9 of them.




Wide Wall Projection Bleed

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