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Wide Wall

Zac Darr from River of Life Church in Eastland, TX brings us this wide pallet wall.

They disassembled 65 pallets. They sawed off both ends of the pallets, leaving only 1/3 of the nails remaining. It took a team of 5 people 3 hours to complete the disassemble.

They constructed five 6’x12′ walls with 16″ studs and mounted them to the existing stage, free standing a foot from back wall. Lumber was under $200. They used a nail gun to mount pallet planks. It took 3 men, 2 hours to complete.

They hung black curtain from ceiling to floor on the back of stage. Then they hung 18 Edison lights that they strung and constructed themselves using 5 black extension cords of 100′. They cut the cord into sections and measured each light hanging down for placement. The Edison lights then plugged into a standard dimmer pack.

They attached 10 clamp lights with 65 watt flood bulbs to a 2’x2′ board nailed into stage. They stood up perfectly straight. They removed the aluminum bell as it really didn’t fit the design. The clamp lights also plugged into a dimmer pack. They used Colorado Tour bars to light up the new wall.

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Spinning Plates TPed

7 responses to “Wide Wall”

  1. Tim Blacklock says:

    Love it! Low and wide, dramatically comfortable. Seeking a new look – I may have found it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Zac Darr says:

    that’s great Tim

  3. Taylor Downey says:

    How did you guys anchor the frames to the stage? Love this design.

  4. Zac Darr says:

    We anchor the frames to the floor will nails. Made a little brace at 45 angle and nailed it down. It went through the carpet to wood sub structure. Never use screws with carpet. When we pull the nails out one day, it won’t be noticeable.

  5. Matthew Shaw says:

    Cool look! How many Colorado Tour bars did you use to light up the wall? Thanks.

    • Zac Darr says:

      Thx Matt! We prob went a little overboard but have 8 Colorado Tour bars on the back wall and on each wing we had 1 Colorado Tour + 3 small Colorado bars.

  6. Paul Sheats says:

    My team of leaders where just there for the RAM conference, loved the stage it inspired me to do more. thank you for sharing.
    I have 2 rooms I need to set; the first is “just for worship, we need help with lighting,
    second is for our “message” time we go to a different room for this and have tables and chairs for everyone we want it to be more of a “learning center” them any ideas or feed back is welcome.

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