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Spinning Plates

Josh Minnick from River Church in Madison Heights, VA brings us this use of paper plates and fabrics.

River Church is a church plant that has to portable and inexpensive in their set design. They created this for under $125.

For the backdrop, they used paper plates. One of their volunteers sowed them together. Then they taped them to the top of their pipe and drape. They lit them with some LED can lights.

For the ceiling, they hung white bed sheets that another volunteer sewed together to get the swoops from the stage. They always have to raise two basketball goals for their service, so for this weekend they used them and attached a steel cable from goal to goal in order to attach the ceiling drape. They attached the other end to the ceiling in the stage.

Josh saw a design for the blinders next to the screen on CSDI and built them for another service. They reused them to give the punch to the set during big moments in the service.

The icing on the cake was the giant cross that one of their volunteers built for the weekend.





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2 responses to “Spinning Plates”

  1. Kali B. says:

    How many paper plates were used or just best guess, lol. Also, what was the sewing process with bringing them together?

    • josh says:

      I forget how many paper plates we used. Our pipe and drape is 10ft wide by 8ft high so we designed off of those dimensions instead of a plate number. We tried to have a 1 inch gap on either side of the plates.

      To be honest I have no idea how she sewed them together. She amazed me when she told me that that was even possible. I do know that there is a single seem that runs through a stand of plates.

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