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Translucent Stands

Toren DeSantis from Word of Life in Schroon Lake, NY brings us these simple translucent panels.

Toren started with two 9 ft. tri-trusses on each side of the stage with a Chauvet LED par 12 on each. They also have 2 Stage Ape (cheapo) stud LED pars mounted at the top of the truss. One facing down the truss and the other facing down to the inside of each truss to add light and color to the instrumentalist standing next to the truss. The weight was distributed evenly so as to not have to worry about sandbags.

In the center they had 2 Coroplast panels that were light aluminum squares that stacked on top of one another, going 3 high, with feet at the bottom to stay standing. These acted as frames for the light, clouded, plexiglass velcroed on the backs to add more color when they shined lights from the back.

The lights they chose to illuminate the panels were LED bars called Tough Storms. They are watertight and very reliable. They strung all the lights together using DMX and ran them all through a 96 channel smart fade that they used to record their scenes and set their chases for the Christmas Show they had to run. Toren made sure to set each one of the lights to different channels to help with making the scenes and chases.

Last but not least the 4 pallet looking walls that were behind the panels. Those were just rough cut deck boards that were nailed to a 2/4 frame. It was a massive wall that had 2 legs off the back that were made of 2/4’s. They stuck out about 3 ft. but have 2/4’s that were screwed from the ends of the feet and run, at an angle, to halfway up the wall and screw to the insides of the frame to keep them stable. They also threw some sand bags on the feet just to make sure they didn’t topple over. These walls were a bit heavy because of some of the material they used but look so great with some lights and behind a preacher.

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  1. Kayla Onkst says:

    Panels purchased and produced from JNE Productions!

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