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Love Like

Scotty Daily from Thrive Christian Church in West, Indiana brings us this glowing stage design.

From Scott: This design is for our 2018 Easter Series, “Love Like Jesus”. Different elements of the design were inspired by a few different posts on Church Stage Design.

Arrow Boxes

The letters were made from coroplast and took 10 sheets of white coroplast. The most difficult part of making the letters was getting the coroplast to bend but after we scored one side of the coroplast it went much better. We really wanted to match the font of the letters to the font of the title slide.

The LOVE LIKE boxes were Coroplast sheets that I had a local company cut out with a router. The lights on the back wall are LED Tape that we attached to furring strips and hooked into the light system. I used this very helpful video to figure all that stuff out.

The cross was made out of furring strips and covered with translucent coroplast and we put led tape behind it.

The cost for the project
$200 for coroplast
$200 for LED Tape materials.

Webbed Walls Graffiti and Pallets

4 responses to “Love Like”

  1. Chris says:

    Hey this is an awesome use of a router to create something custom looking. I’ll have to try that some time.

    Question, what specific bar lights are you using to light up the coroplast Jesus letters?

  2. Antwan says:

    What kind of stands are you using to hold up the Jesus letters?

  3. Antwan says:

    What kind of stands are you using to hold up the Jesus letters? Also, how are all the LED light bars connected?

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