Christmas Designs

Tree Siding

Ken Sly from Peninsula Covenant Church in Redwood City, CA brings us this rustic Christmas set.

Inspired by pallet trees and mason jar lights. To reduce the weight, the trees and letters were cut from 1/4″ Luan plywood. The spaces between the “pallet” boards were painted black to match the background. The letters were mounted on thin strips of luan that fit into the negative space of the trees. The thin strips were also painted black. The trees were painted to resemble pallet boards and the letters were painted white with a spray of silver glitter. Holes were punched in the lids of the mason jars to receive the sockets which were wired with old fashioned twisted wire. Inside the mason jars were old fashioned 40 watt amber Edison bulbs. The cost was about $800, mostly for the jars, lamps, sockets and wire. The plywood was fairly inexpensive.

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Varietree Big Star Sky

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