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Trees and Roughage

Zach Lee from Woodland Heights Baptist Church in Harrison, AR brings us this Christmassy set design.

The church is a 56 year old Baptist Church that they have grown from 40 to 400 in the past year. They are in the process of breaking ground to build a beautiful new church—but have been looking for ways to modernize an older church slowly.

Zach wanted to do a simple set that captured some of the traditional parts of Christmas that everyone loves. So he cut trees and sprayed them white cheap white paint—being very selective on finding small but full trees with lots of branches. He placed polyfill with one strand of lights at its base. They only have 8 par LEDs and the advantage of having the trees white is that it takes the color and absorbs light extremely well.

Zach also crumpled up window screen for texture on the back wall. The entire set cost about $100 and took 5 people one evening to install.



Stage Set Design Idea 1

Stage Set Design Idea 2




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One response to “Trees and Roughage”

  1. Jason says:

    We did something like that for Christmas. I cut branches from a large White Birch tree. Took off a lot of the nastiness and cleaned them up a little bit. Spray painted them white and shined LED Par 64’s from under. Everyone LOVED them.

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