Christmas Designs

Clever Christmas Wreath Lamps

Jayson Oldham from Ladner Baptist Church in Delta, BC, Canada brings us these clever Christmas wreath lamps for their Christmas stage design.

Over the past number of years, they have tried to do something a little different than the usual advent wreath. Whether it be paintings or pictures that symbolize the traditional themes of advent, (in their context—Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love) instead of the small wreath, they try to let the ‘wreath’ have a little more visible presence. They still attempt to keep the basic tradition of lighting candles and celebrating what Christ has brought with His advent, but physically see it in a different way. This year they combined the trendy and inexpensive pallet theme with their Christmas Theme. The warm and rough woody look brings out the rustic and simple way Christ entered the world.

Though they had to purchase the wood for the larger advent panels on stage, they managed to source out much of the other materials for free.

The basic budget was: $200 for plywood, 2×4’s and 1×4, and $70 for candles. The lighting fixtures were already in their usual supply.

They also went all out in creating items that kept a Christmas feel with reclaimed old wood. (wooden ‘scrap’ wreaths on pallets as wall hangings, a communion table, a rustic pulpit, hanging lamp shades, the theme panel in our foyer with stained green slat trees, and other items to tie it all together). With a great team of volunteers and some sweet air tools, it came together fairly quickly.







Trees and Roughage 4 Panels of Jesus