Stage Designs

Throwback: Tube Waves

The North Point Ministries team from North Point Community Church brings us this these staggered pipes from the back of their stage. (Originally posted September 2014)

They couldn’t afford the versa tube knockoffs that Buckhead was using, so they decided to use 6” diameter PVC pipe that they already had from a previous set. They drilled a hole at the top of each pipe and ran a long bolt through a piece of chain and then though the PVC holes and back though the chain creating a loop with the chain that they then hung via a piece of aircraft cable from the ceiling. The layout of the pipes was simply a copy of what Buckhead was doing. The pipes were uplit using seven Martin Cyclos.

Two of the plasmas were cheeseboroughed directly to a section of 30’ truss. The other three were cheeseboroughed to a schedule 40 pipe that was “T” jointed and hung via cheeseboroughes off the 30’ section of truss. The truss itself was hung with two chain motors from the steel.

The High End Studio Spots that are not on in the photo were hung via “T” joint pipes from their upstage grid. The Martin 250 movers on each side of the stage were hung in the same way.


Neatly Lined Criss Crossed