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Twinkle Lines

Tyler Rippel from First United Methodist Church in New Philadelphia, Ohio brings us their twinkly stage backdrop.

They opted out of the nativity scene and went with clean Christmas lights. They purchased about 40 boxes of 25 ft. long Christmas lights and hung them with nylon ties. They divided them into 3 separate dimmer channels so they had the ability to create subtle movements and a more interesting look with some variance in the light strands’ brightness.

Tyler was looking for a centerpiece star and found a 26 point Moravian star from a church across town. They had two skinny Christmas trees stored away and used some white batiste sheer fabric from a previous design to cover the excess length of the light strands and give a snow type effect. They spent about $100 for Christmas lights and $30 for the Moravian star.

Frosty the Snowtrees Snowdrift

2 responses to “Twinkle Lines”

  1. Jen says:

    I really like this one because it has a simple and clean look. I really struggled to come up with a Christmas design this year. Thanks for doing this site. It’s a huge help for ideas!

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