Christmas Designs

Two-Tone Christmas

Marcos Cervantes from Victory Life Church in Fruita, Co brings us this simple positive and negative space stage design.

This set design is in their youth group. This design took 6 sheets of Coroplast. The image was designed and then traced using a projector. As Marcos was tracing the image, he made sure to lay the sheets next to each other to ensure that the lines would match up. Along with laying the sheets next to each other, he would mark “B” as an indication that those pieces where dead space.

Once all the sheets where traced out, the cutting process began. He experimented with a jig-saw and found that it was a little uncontrollable. The easiest method was with a utility knife and 2-3 brand new blades.

Once all the pieces where cut out, he just stapled them to the back wall. The black wall really helped by giving depth to the white Coroplast. Also the staples were hardly noticeable after about 3 feet.

The stars where hung at various points and various distances. The stars were hooked up to a 4-channel dimmer pack and really only used up 3 channels. With them being LED they really could only use up 1 channel but they preferred the versatility of 3 channels.

Materials: 6 – 4×8 White Coroplast Sheets, 6 – Ikea Strala Stars, Staple Gun, Staples, Utility Knife.

Cost: $200




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