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Phil Haydn from Living Water Community Church in Dalton, Ohio, brings us this unfinished fence for their “it is finished” series.

They created their “tomb” by building a jagged fence.  They made it 9 feet at its highest point and 20 feet wide.

On Good Friday, they painted “it is finished” in the center of the wood mountain. Then on Easter they painted the tomb and the words “He is alive, we are free”.
The wood cost about $200. With wood, paint, and nails they spent about $230. They cut the pieces randomly at different lengths to get the mountain feel. They just eyeballed what looked good as they put it together.

They lit it all with some LED fixtures.

Tip: Lighting and Texture 8 Bit Signals

3 responses to “Unfinished”

  1. Clint says:

    I was wondering how you supported the wooden hill? What did you do/use to make it stand up on it’s own? Also, did any of your lights change color, or were they geled with a specific color? Thank you, and great design idea!! Love it!

  2. Isaac Tandal says:


    Our church is trying to build something similar. It says that you painted the tomb, but the picture looks like it was cut out. Also, how did you support it?

    Thank You

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