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8 Bit Signals

Candace Shropshire from Fellowship Church at Granite Bay in Granite Bay, CA brings us these 8 bit soundwaves.

For their BEHIND THE MUSIC series, they wanted to have a “soundwave” or “equalizer” look. They took foam core and cut it into six inch strips and bore holes through the sides to put a metal pole through. They glued cardboard strips to the back to make sure they remained together. The poles were then hung from a truss with trick-line. They used red, orange, yellow, and purple gels in Par64 lights to create multicolors on the “wave”.

The only cost was for 6 large foam core sheets.

Unfinished Wall-less

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  1. I would like to know if you were able to control the lights via the music. Some where back in the days of DISCO there was a thing called a light organ that had band pass filters that would control lights by the frequency.

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