Stage Designs

Up and Down

Jeremy McMurray from Legacy Christian Church in Orlando, Florida brings us this design repurposing their Weave panels.

Like many other churches, they fell in love with the Weave design. So they built their own. But after several months they decided it was time for a change. Being the “green” bunch that they are, they chose to recycle. They disassembled their weave, then painted each Coroplast piece one of three colors. They found their paint at the store for $7/gallon.

They screwed the painted Coroplast sheets into the back wall of the stage. Hanging them vertically made their short ceilings look taller (only about 10 feet tall).

For the section in the center they used pink insulation foam board ($14/sheet). The letters were cut out of the same foam using a jigsaw or Dremel tool.

They lit the whole set with 12 LED washes.

Because they recycled their weave, they spent a total of $45 on the entire design–most of which was paint and painting supplies.

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