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Techno Columns

Lorraine Woodson from Clawson Assembly of God in Pollok, TX brings us this design inspired by The Weave and techno greek columns.

To create the techno greek columns, they bought 8-foot corrugated fiberglass roofing panels (from Lowes). They formed the columns and screwed them together to keep their shape. Then they attached them to a base that held the LED lighting fixture.

They created the Weave panels the same way the Weave was made with Coroplast panels cut to 1×3′ sheets. They stapled them to 2×1’s screwed to a 35 inch base to get these panels at the same height as the techno columns.

The design cost about $300 excluding lights.

City Lights Up and Down

2 responses to “Techno Columns”

  1. Jon says:

    Love the idea! Would be great to see a picture with dim house and stage lights.

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