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City Lights

Tracey Metzger from Next Level Church in Tarpon Springs, Florida brings us the opportunity to make our own Godzilla movie.

To create the set, they used insulation board from Home Depot. They cut out holes for the windows and filled them with wax paper (lights on) and black posterboard (light off). They attached the window fillers with glue sticks.

The propped the pieces up with 2x4s and fishing wire.

The whole set cost $139 to make.

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One response to “City Lights”

  1. Danae Handorf says:

    Wow – you did a lot with $139! Looks wonderful! Just wondering how large your screen is? We are a portable church, looking to buy a new large screen like this (rear projection necessary). We set up in a high school auditorium with theater seating – just wanted to see if you like your screen on/near the floor like this. Any issues with people on the stage blocking the screen? Thanks!

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