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Up or Down?

Joey Riggins from Lighthouse Church in Panama City Beach, Florida brings us this fun design filled with arrows.

In this design, Joey wanted to capitalize on the latest aztec craze in design. He designed a few different patterns in Photoshop and landed on this one. The overall concept was to create a pattern that made the black space the hero rather then the white space. To accomplish the design, he started with their back wall grid hang points which are two 2×4’s every four feet. Because it’s laid out in 4 foot sections, the triangle size was dictated by that.

Joey purchased 4×8 sheets of styrofoam from Lowes and cut out a template triangle. He used a jigsaw and a toothless blade that cleanly cuts styrofoam with no mess and smooth lines and was able to get 6 triangles out of every sheet of styrofoam. For hanging, Joey ended up adding a 1×4 in between each of their their back wall grid sections for stability purposes. He then used Velcro to hold them in place while positioning everything. Since the pattern was flipped every other column, they just eyeballed the height and made sure they triangles were straight. Once he was satisfied with the positions, he came back and used a pneumatic trim stapler to ensure they would stay in place

Another cool feature was the use of LED strips on each section of the grid. To finish the design, Joey added 13 Superbright LED strips to each section of the 2×4 grid. Each strip has it’s on decoder giving complete DMX control to each strip light. The strips were $25 a piece including power supply and the decoded was $25 from Amazon. The entire set was under $500. The back wall was being lit by 12 Chauvet Colorbatten12’s.






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2 responses to “Up or Down?”

  1. Chad Frey says:

    I’m in town for vacation and I visited your church today. I knew I had seen the design somewhere :) great job Joey!
    I thoroughly enjoyed the service, as well.

    • Anton says:

      Hi! Is it possible to change styrofoam with other material like coroplast or cardboard?
      It shall be easier to cut the triangles, i think.

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