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Upside Sound

Mike Smith and Daniel McCullough from First Baptist Alpharetta in Alpharetta, Georgia brings us this huge stage transformation.

They already had framing for a back wall built from a previous set, so they were able to use that — 10ft high, 2 foot centers using 2×4’s. They cut strips of Coroplast roughly 6″ wide in varying lengths, spaced them about an inch apart, and attached them to the wall using velcro in three 4 foot sections. Their stage is rather shallow, so they wanted to create depth. To help with this, they built two walls on the front wings of the stage, and added two more sections of Coroplast there. They used 38″ LED bars to light each section.

For the painter’s lights, they added vertical strips of 1×8″, and cut 2″ holes using a hole saw. They unscrewed the can from the fixture and slipped the fixture in from the back. Then they tightened the can back on. It fit tightly enough that they didn’t have to do anything specific to secure it. They put each strip of lights on its own dimmer to give them complete control.

The last thing they did was use LED tape to light the outside of their old, traditional cross. The tape didn’t have adhesive, so they first tried using spray adhesive, but later had to go back and touch it up with super glue.








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  1. Brooks says:


  2. benjamin says:

    Great design I would like to have the video of how the stage was setup and the material used for it.

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