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Walkin’ on Sunshine

Roy Cervantes from Trinity Bible Church in Willow Park, Texas brings us this stage with LED tape on the walking surfaces!

From Roy: While planning out a new design, we wanted something that was very modern but still allowed us to retain the wood back wall when we needed it. This room serves as a Wednesday night student worship center and holds 2 Sunday morning worship services.

We used LED strips from Amazon of the RBG and RGBW varieties and patched them into our DMX chain with 3 and 4 channel DMX decoders. All links will be below.

There were a few spots where we needed more length to our LEDs to cover out stage so patching them together with 4 or 5 prong connectors worked well for us. These can prove difficult to use. I suggest keeping the sticky cover on the LED while connecting them to have a more snug fit.

The sticky side of these LEDs aren’t great so for our back wall we used a string and nails to line out a straight path and then rested the LEDs on top of our nail path. Then we used a staple gun to secure the strips to the back wall. Be very careful doing this. Any small nick in the strip will cause discoloration.

For corners we used connectors with the corresponding wires to be able to shape the edges how we wanted and then covering them up with gaff tape to secure them.

These are safe to walk over (Im not a small dude) but still require us to be careful to not kick connectors or jump too hard on the LEDs.

All in all we spent about 600 on this design not including the intelligent lighting. This was my first run through with a design this complex and had many user errors that required us to buy a few more supplies.


RGB strips:

RGBW strips:

DMX decoders:












Circled PortabLED

2 responses to “Walkin’ on Sunshine”

  1. I created a video of how we built our church stage design using LED tape lights! Thanks to churchstagedesign for their awesome resources for churches!

    • Trevour Wiltshire says:

      Hey Trevor Kimball,

      Would you mind sharing more information on how you built the wood mount for the LED strips?

      Trevour W

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