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Wacky Paint

Daniel Reim from Freie Christengemeinde Bayreuth in Bayreuth, Bavaria, Germany brings us this colorful backdrop.

The piece measured 2.5 x 15 meters.

It was a cotton sheer muslin painted with diluted gouache to keep the fabric transparent.

They nailed the material to wood panels with a layer of absorbing fabric underneath to absorb superfluous paint. This allowed the use of a backlight without unwanted shadows.

The design was sketched with charcoal using a string grid to scale, then inked black with brushes on long bamboo sticks and then colored in.

A velcro band was attached onto the upper seam and its counterpart nailed to a ledge on the stage. The three other hems were tunneled, a separate cord run through each tunnel so the backdrop could be stretched out.

LED flood lights were used to light it from the front and the back.

Throwback: Rainbow Boxes Throwback: Kriss Kross

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