Christmas Designs

Wacky Waving Wall

Shannon Carter from Central Christian Church in Beloit, WI brings us this awesome mixture of Christmas designs.

From Shannon: This stage was a bit of a hodge podge mix of a couple different CSDI stages. We wanted a few simple things that we could add to our existing stage to make it feel a little more Christmasy.

Our foam board lanterns were our take on the “Christmas Diamonds” stage.

We created each triangle from 1 sheet of 22″ x 28″ foam board. We used the full 22″ as the base to get the biggest triangle we could, then just cut out a simple straight line design in the middle. The whole lantern took 6 triangles that we taped together using white gaff tape.

The lanterns are lit using a standard hanging light cord and LED Edison bulbs that run into our lighting system via state pin and Edison power adapters so we are able dim them. Each lantern cost about $30 to make.

*make sure to run the cord before you fully tape up the lantern
*Tie a loop on the inside of your lantern once you have the bulb hung where you want it or it will slip.

The floating wreaths were simply hula hoops from Walmart that we spray painted gold and decorated with Christmas greens using zip ties and floral wire. I was able to get way with just two 3 foot sections of long needle garland from Hobby Lobby because we weren’t covering the whole hoop. We wanted some of the gold to show. I also used a bit of random greenery to add a little pop. The key to making this look good on our stage is simple backgrounds on our center screen. When it was all said and done they cost about $30 to make all three.

The bucket lights were another CDSI project we had made a couple years ago and pulled out again.

And finally, our background base is just Coroplast cut in 8′ x 4″ pieces and stapled all around with some slack in them to cause the wave look. It’s super random with no real rhyme or reason but it worked!

Big Sky(pans) Paper Trails

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