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Wage Love Set

Aaron Busse from Explore Church in Varina, North Carolina brings us this love scene gone commando.

Aaron and his team used vinyl cut-outs stuck to a painted plywood wall to create the 6 foot heart. They cut out letters from wood and spaced them from the wall. They also hung camouflage netting to complete the theme.

The whole thing was lit with 12 par 56’s.

CD Graveyard Fabric Cross

3 responses to “Wage Love Set”

  1. Explore Church rocks! It was fun being a part of this design. We had students from Campbell University helping and several familes pitched in. A special thanks to Sign-A-Rama in Raleigh, NC (www.raleighsign.com). They did an amazing job on the vinyl shapes that we used to create the heart.

  2. Tim Wilson says:

    One variation on this concept would be to cut out those shapes and do some cool back lighting with it.

    • We had to pick the little pieces of vinyl from around all of those shapes. I hear the industry term is “weeding” and it can be a pain on something with that many details. I imagine cutting those shapes out of wood would be no fun.

      But that is a very cool idea, even for other shapes, or a less complex design. A white backdrop behind the wood, lit from the edges with LEDs would make a nice background effect through the cutouts.

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