Stage Designs

CD Graveyard

Rick Eckenwiler from Grace Community Church in Detroit, Michigan brings us this awesome use of all those old AOL CDs lying around your house. (You still have those?!)

To create this awesome look, they simply hot-glued CD’s to sheets of black Coroplast. The backs of the CDs offer a brilliant array of colors with any color light and look different from every seat in the room.

To light the set, Rick used mostly white light, with some blue for darker effect. (Be careful to light at steep angles so you dont blind the audience.)

Some of the pieces of Coroplast were hung from pipes. They screwed the Coroplast to a 1×4 to keep the piece rigid, then hung it with rope from the pipe.

The rest were¬†screwed to some 2×4 legs. The legs were made of a vertical 8′ 2×4 attached to a horizontal 3′ 2×4 on the floor, with an angle brace in between. They either screwed it to the floor, or sandbag them; depending on if they needed to be moved.

It's Read All Over Wage Love Set