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It’s Read All Over

Malachi Elguera brings us these newspaper stage props from The Rock Church of Coachella Valley in Palm Desert, California.

This design was inspired by the Hillsong United artwork from their album Across the Earth.

Materials Used:

  • 6 pieces 4’x8’ foam insulation
  • 1 gallon paint
  • 6 newspapers
  • 32oz contact cement
  • 3M high strength spray adhesive (90)
  • 12 12” zip ties
  • 4 light safety cables

Newspaper Stage Props

They started by printing the logo on a transparency to be blown up by an old-school overhead projector. Then they attached the newspapers to the foam board using contact cement and spray adhesive.

After all the glue on the sheets dried they put the transparencies on the overhead projector and centered them on the individual sheets. Rather than have a clean outline for the logo, they painted the logo on with paint to provide a grungy look.

They let the paint dry overnight then made 3 holes on the top and bottom of each section to connect with the zip ties. Once they were connected they hung them from the T-bar in their ceiling with light safety cables.

Creative Collective Meetup-Austin CD Graveyard

One response to “It’s Read All Over”

  1. Lauren says:

    I really like this idea! I love creative ideas that use everyday objects! Awesome job!

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