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Creative Collective Meetup-Austin

I just got 6 passes to the Creative Collective Austin Meetup! If you’re in the area, you’ll want to go…and I got your pass to the event.

That’s right! You’ll be schmoozing it up and listening to Barton Damer and Stephen Brewster at the meetup.

Our goal is simple – To connect Inspiration with Collaboration.

Hear from amazing Creative Leaders, connect with local creative contributors in your area, and be back to work by 11.00am…if you so desire. Creative Collective Meet-Ups begin promptly at 9.00am and are done by 10.30am.

Spots are kept limited to foster better connection, conversation, and collaboration.

How do you get a free pass to the event? Simply tweet this:

Holy cow! I want to meetup with Stephen Brewster and Barton Damer in Austin! Enter for your free pass! http://csdi.info/kD6XWD

Simple, eh? Then I’ll randomly select 6 winners on Tuesday, June 28th at 9am CST. Get tweeting!

And if you aren’t a Tweeter…leave a comment below. You won’t be left out! :)

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