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War (What is it Good For?)

Rich Probert from Horizons Community Church in Ham Lake, MN brings us this bellicose stage design.

Inspired by war movies, they wanted to create an epic look. They started by purchasing 100 green sand bags from Uline. Then they contacted the local city maintenance department to use some sand they had sitting along the road (free!). Then Rich went to Cabela’s to buy some camouflage mess traps. Finally, the large video wall helped tie it all together.

They came in way below their $500 budget.

Stars and Stripes Towering Mega-Walls

2 responses to “War (What is it Good For?)”

  1. Brandon says:

    Did you use a single projector for your screen? If so, what kind of projector is that?

  2. Rich Probert says:

    Here is the information about the way we are projecting our images. If you have any other questions feel free to contact me.

    The projection element was made possible with ProPresenter 4, a Matrox TripleHead2Go and 3 Hitachi CP-A52/100 projectors. Since there was no room for rear screen projection the Hitachi short throw projectors made it possible to create the back wall video. All the still graphics were created in-house but all animated drops where purchased from Igniter Media. We are using a added add-on by renewed vision to blend each projector.

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