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Towering Mega-Walls

Glen Belcher from Cross Pointe Ministries in Tupelo, MS brings us these towering mega-walls of light.

Using 1″x2″ wood strips, Glen built frames that measured 29″x80″. He covered them with 20″x30″ foam board sheets he purchased from Hobby Lobby for $1 each. Using a box cutter, he cut the foam board diagonally then attached them to the frames with a hot glue gun. Opposite ends of each foam board piece were raised 6″ and mounted onto a 1″x3″x6″ wood block screwed to the wood frame. A total of 24 frames were built and screwed together to form the cross configuration. The two upper panels were hung from the ceiling with black wire cable while the two lower panels were mounted to the floor on a 2″x4″x10′ frame painted black. Two Elation LED pars were mounted above each side of the configuration to provide lighting.

The choir risers on each side of the cross configuration were built using plywood and 2×4’s painted black and carpeted on top. White plastic sheets were used beneath each step to allow lighting from behind. Each Riser measured 2 feet on the front/lower step and 4 feet on the upper/back step. Each finished riser formed a wedge shape and when placed with the others created a partial circle. All was built for less than $1000.

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8 responses to “Towering Mega-Walls”

  1. Glen Belcher says:

    Cross Pointe Ministries is located in Tupelo Ms

  2. Joe says:

    Great job neighbor! I’m at Real Life Church in Columbus. Maybe we can get together sometime and share some ideas. Contact me at

    • Glen Belcher says:

      Hey neighbor! Is this web site great or what? I’m still pretty new at this but have a lot of ideas. You can find me on facebook.

  3. Davian Chase says:

    How did you makes the three steps light up?

    • Glen Belcher says:

      I covered the front of each step with a frosted plastic cover I bought at Lowes. The kind used in overhead flourescent lighting. Then, I used LED par64 to illuminate the steps from behind.

  4. jazmin says:

    hi do you have a video on step by step for this?

  5. Marcelo Centineo says:

    Hi Glen … thanks for your support. We made a scenario based on some of your models. You can see photos at
    Embrace and blessings

    Marcelo Centineo

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