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Gary Radin from GMR Design brings us this stage design he did for Living Faith Christian Center in New Jersey.

The sanctuary backdrop was created as a permanent interior design solution to cover a cinderblock wall. It serves as backdrop for live services and taped video. The 100 foot wide set was designed as a modern adaptation to classic traditions.

The center stage area features cherry wood veneer columns with internal and back light LED. The columns have milk plexiglass as the center stripe to allow the white backlight glow from LED lighting behind the columns.

Large anchoring curved walls and columns painted at several points along the backdrop are in a faux gold. The round columns are wood framed with ribs and a luan plywood skin.  The base and cap is a raised applied sheet of a textured copper metal veneer.

A walnut and birdseye maple signature wall stands center with brushed gold laminate letters saying “Jesus Is Lord”. The “Jesus is Lord” letters are raised cut by CNC and have a brushed gold metal laminate face.

Flanking right and left of the main stage area are backlighted frosted glass panels (made from colored Acrylex acrylic panels).

Suspended overhead are bronze metal veneer coffered panels and a central medallion. Velour drapery finishes the wings of the stage set behind the music ministry.

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4 responses to “Wide Design”

  1. Pastor Faith says:

    How do i recreat this stage. Would be grateful for detailed layout and materials required. Thank you so much

  2. Gary Radin says:


    This set is a custom design for the ministry and not available as a stock design. Custom designs may be created for a specific project by contacting me for more information.

    Thank you.

  3. Pastor Carey says:

    I would to have this design
    In my church pls contact me at 773-749-7606

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