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Mike Gerrells from Mission Hills in Littleton, Colorado brings us this cool warehouse look.

While watching TV, Mike saw a warehouse with big box fans that made a really cool gobo in the room. He started sketching what that would look like on a stage and this design was born. This set was a generic backdrop for the summer.

The Build

Using 2x4x8 studs, he built ten 8 foot by 8 foot frames and then laid the brick panel (from Home Depot) on to the frames and stapled them on. He then took a router and cut out the holes for the windows and fans. The fans moved at 1 RPM and were purchased from a jewelry counter supplier. The blades on the fan were 10m Coroplast. The windows were also Coroplast with black duct tape to show a frame. After installing the windows, he painted the backside of the windows with 5 different spray paints to make it look worn and old. The I-beams that run horizontally and vertically were made of 1/2 MDF and painted grey.

Build - 1

Build - 2

finished - 2

rehearsal - 2 (1)

rehearsal -1 (1)

set up - 1

set up - 2

set up - 3

solo set

Billowed Away Strips & Split Projection

One response to “Warehouse”

  1. Mark Manley says:

    Really quality work – super-authentic-looking. And quite inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

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