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Waves of Coro

Kim McLennan from Rolling Hills Covenant Church in Rolling Hills, CA brings us this cool use of Coroplast.

From Kim: Our sermon series Bless, based out of 1 Peter 3&4 focuses on how everyday becomes an opportunity created by God to bring blessings to others as He blesses us. We used 4×8 foot pieces of Coroplast, gaffer tape, led lights and our projector. To create a design to represent the blessings coming from God to us . With the gaffers tape we made waves of blessings along with projection of blessings coming from the cross.

In our large Worship Center we secured two panels together end to end to give us four long panels and then made a backing for the cross also of Coroplast so we could project movement. The gaffers tape gives the illusion of blessings coming from the cross out to us. We then projected the video of movement coming from the cross.

In our smaller room we did the same but without the projector and have the blessings coming out of one side of the cross as we didn’t want to move the cross.

We bought 20 panels of Coroplast that cost us about $600. and we used about one roll of gaffers tape and some paracord from home depot. All in all the whole project cost us less then $700.00.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    How did you make the cross?

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