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Where Three or More Angles are Gathered Together…

Erik Abegg from Cherry Hills Community Church in Highlands Ranch, CO brings us this awesome triangle LED wall.

The space was about 55’w and 19’h. The design is made up of 160 individual triangles that are 25.5″ long. The triangles are made of 2″x 2″ nominal lumber. Each triangle is then grouped into clusters of 10 with a “left” and “right” pattern. The clusters are about 6.5’w x 7.5’h.

The entire set is flown from 1/16″ aircraft cable suspended from truss. The aircraft cable is attached to “D-rings” that are mounted to the top two “gap points” on each cluster. On random surface points, 1/8″ Coroplast was attached to the front (downstage) side of the triangles. LED strips were attached to the left/up angle of each cluster to enhance the overall look and provide a broken media content surface.

The cost of lumber and fasteners was about $1100, not including rigging hardware.

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2 responses to “Where Three or More Angles are Gathered Together…”

  1. Nathan Whalen says:

    This is great! Nice work.

  2. Sarah says:

    I love this design! In the top photo, the fronts of the triangles looks white (even on the open triangles, not the ones covered with coroplast). Did you paint them white or is this just a trick of the light? Thanks!

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