Kids/Youth Designs


Kenton Gruver, Michael Nyce, Gabe VanderStel from First Baptist Church of Perkasie in Perkasie, PA brings us this great triple wide projection setup.

Materials Used: 
18 LED TSS 86 Par Lights ($200)
6 American DJ LED Bars ($250)
2 Chauvet Par Lights ($60)
Cables (DMX, HDMI $200)
3 Ben Q Projectors with TripleHead2go (They had these from prior stage designs but would roughly cost $3000)
Hardwood panels ($400)
Chauvet Haze Machine

They wanted to make their stage “pop” to their youth when they entered for the week-long teen camp. Their stage was always too boring so they decided to change it up a bit.

They started off their stage wanting a giant wide screen. So they built one out of dry wall that stretches 9 ft high by 48 ft across. Using the 3 projectors and the TripleHead2Go, they were able to put whatever image they wanted behind their stage. They added some LED bars and wash lights up where their spotlights were.

Next, they wanted some colorful downlighting so they removed the recessed ceiling lights and dropped in some small Par LEDs. They noticed that the stage ceiling was too white and decided to paint it black to hide the light fixtures. Finally, they took the LED bars and wash lights they had left and shined the LED wash lights on the white ceiling making the room whatever color combination they wanted and used the LED bars to light up the stage floor.

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