Christmas Designs

Winter Meal

The Visual and Creative Arts Teams from Grace Community Church in Washingtonville, NY brings us this Thanksgiving/Christmas meal look.

For their upcoming November/December message series, “Around the Table”, they really wanted to visually communicate a “home for the holidays” feel. They decided to implement a more cozy, interior feel by incorporating an actual “set table” as the main stage prop juxtaposed to the hanging snowy window boxes.

First they went dumpster-diving. They garbage-picked some old windows from the side of the road. After they cleaned off the old spider webs and exoskeltons from the windows (gross), they added 1″ masking tape to the glass to create a “window pane” effect. Then, they cut 2x4s and brad-nailed the wood to the sides of the windows only to use as stand-offs from the stage flats. Next, they sprayed snow-spray (air canister form Lowe’s) on each window and bolted the window unit to the flats. By making the windows stand off 4″ from the flats, the up-lighting created a more dynamic and three-dimensional look and feel.

Finally, they incorporated a table and hot-glued a table cloth and all the settings (oh yeah, they also included an inflatable turkey), to the set to keep things in place.

The whole set cost under $125.








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