Christmas Designs

Wooden Treetment

Check out this Christmas series stage design from Peace Church in Eau Claire, WI. Jesse Hamble brings us this urban masterpiece.

The tree was created from various lengths of 2×4’s painted blue and silver with some chrome spraypaint in random locations. They drilled holes in the center of each “tree” piece and attached them to an 80 pound metal base with a piece of rebar welded to it.The tree was chained to the ceiling for stability, and they used the same chain to attach a star.

They then purchased metal trash cans and filled them with newspaper and topped that off with tinsel. They used these for Little Drummer Boy and had some drummers playing the cans.

The cross was laser cut from appliance grade stainless steel at a local metal fabrication shop.

They had left over scraps of duct work from their youth room remodel and used those as decor. They also wrapped large appliance boxes and labeled them with that weekend’s message title and hung them above the congregation.

In the background they used corrugated clear fiberglass panels and backlit them with some custom LED panels a local guy built.

Custom gobos and a hazer created the lighting effects.

For Christmas Eve, they had a laser cutout of the nativity scene. They used one of the wrapped gifts and cut it out like a manger scene. Then they backlit it with LED fixtures.

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