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Words, Simply

Joe Stratford from Catch the Fire in Toronto, Ontario, Canada brings us these simply created letters.

To create this they projected letters onto white Coroplast and cut them out with a jigsaw. They hung the letters with fishing line from their truss. They had some normal light bulbs that they hung randomly from their lighting truss as well to add another element.

Overall cost was $100.

Starry Stream Firmly Rooted

3 responses to “Words, Simply”

  1. Tim Burk says:

    I love it. The simple modern font makes a bold statement. I love maximum impact combined with an affordable budget.

    • Michael Raia says:

      What kind of lighting was used to get the letters to pop evenly without casting too much bleed on the backdrop?

  2. Kevin says:

    Just saw this stage design in a video of Jonathan David Helser. Knew it looked familiar.

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