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Throwback: Zen and the Art…

Patrick Fore from The Woodlands United Methodist in The Woodlands, Texas brings us this serene, still design.

The series was entitled “Still”. So Patrick decided to go for a spa/zen vibe. He did this by using 1×4’s on an open 2×4 frame to create a wall with 1/2 inch spaces. He then added a second layer of 1×4’s that were cut into random lengths and placed them randomly on the wall. On the center wall (video centerline) he added 2×4 blocks randomly around the wall. He added tea candles to the blocks which looked fantastic on camera. Patrick finished the wall with a golden oak stain and a darker ‘early american’ stain to the second layer of 1×4’s to give the walls depth and contrast.

To give the set some color, he added green bamboo rods on the walls adjacent to the center wall. The green bamboo contrasted well against the stained 1×4’s and gave the set a fresh look.

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9 responses to “Throwback: Zen and the Art…”

  1. Micah says:

    Beautiful set up.
    I like the clean crisp, yet subtle and homey vibe.

  2. Tyler Herron says:

    This is brilliant and beautiful! That’s all I can say!

    -Tyler Herron

  3. David says:

    Love Patrick’s stuff!

  4. mark says:

    Just curious, the walls on the sides appear to be free standing. What kind of bracing did you use so that nothing shows on the front side.

    • Patrick Fore says:

      I have the ability to use lag bots on our stage floor, so I bolt the frames into the ground.

      For more stability I have one black 2×4 per frame with the ends cut at 45′ and screwed into both the frame (in the middle) and the floor.

      That sucker doesn’t move.

  5. Tom Holloway says:

    I stole your idea and did it in my church, but I don’t know how to upload the photos or add mine? I’ll take some pictures tomorrow of the final project and try to upload them. But thank you for the idea, it looks great! God Bless, Tom

  6. Aaron says:

    Patrick, I am looking at building a similar stage set, but ours has to be moveable for multiple services. I was wondering if you could had any images of the back of the set. I am looking at how you have it stationed.

  7. Beth says:

    What a beautiful design!

  8. Amy says:

    This would be perfect for a traditional church looking to go a little contemporary without doing too much projection/modern. I.E. I’m prolly gonna steal this. :-) Thanks for the idea!

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