Stage Designs

Throwback: Zen and the Art…

Patrick Fore from The Woodlands United Methodist in The Woodlands, Texas brings us this serene, still design.

The series was entitled “Still”. So Patrick decided to go for a spa/zen vibe. He did this by using 1×4’s on an open 2×4 frame to create a wall with 1/2 inch spaces. He then added a second layer of 1×4’s that were cut into random lengths and placed them randomly on the wall. On the center wall (video centerline) he added 2×4 blocks randomly around the wall. He added tea candles to the blocks which looked fantastic on camera. Patrick finished the wall with a golden oak stain and a darker ‘early american’ stain to the second layer of 1×4’s to give the walls depth and contrast.

To give the set some color, he added green bamboo rods on the walls adjacent to the center wall. The green bamboo contrasted well against the stained 1×4’s and gave the set a fresh look.

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