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Tyler Boyle from Spanish River Church in Boca Raton, FL brings us this lovely use of Mod Scenes.

From Tyler: With the help of Steven Hall at we created this huge set design. We originally intended the rental from to be used in two different rooms for a weekend Church Planters Conference that we hold each fall. However, Hurricane Matthew altered our plans for that weekend. After we cancelled that retreat we decided to make the best use of the set by utilizing it for a series that we had not designed.

Our stage has a counterweight fly system so to rig the set we used the connector pieces and white tie line and hung them right on a batten. Once we got the first row centered and hung we had a volunteer team of 3 people who got to work and made quick work of our 20′ x 42′ wall (Roughly 180 pieces). In about 3 hours we had completed the build with a section left out in the middle to allow our projector to still pas through to our center screen. The only problem we encountered was below the void the panels needed some extra support to stay vertical. To accomplish this correction we used stands that Steven sent as part of the rental. These stands were originally going to be the main supports for the set in our other spaces during the retreat.

Lighting the set made our wall look incredible. The way the panels catch light is just as amazing as the system that Steven has created in ModScenes. We used 10 Chauvet SlimPar Pro H Usb from an electric batten above as well as 6 of the same light from the floor.

The ease of use and beauty of this product makes it one we will absolutely be using again in the future. We also love the versatility of ModScenes and how you can create so many different designs and set pieces with this one system.











Stagger Wall Sugar Rush

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