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Angular Towers

Alex Fuller from Venture Church in Los Gatos, CA brings us this cool design with tons of complex angles.

For this year’s fall stage design at Venture Church, Alex came up with an incredible idea that creates lot of dimension.

The set contained 3D towers that were set on an angle. The towers were made by the team at Each tower was made of fire-rated Coroplast. The Coroplast panels were V-notched on the back to make setting the angles easy. Each tower was made of 4′ wide panels that attached together with connectors and Nylon Bolts and Wing Nuts. The panels were zip tied to black PVC pipes that attached at the top to existing truss. The towers were both internally lit and lit from the front.

Check out some of the other great work Alex has done at

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One response to “Angular Towers”

  1. Lucian says:

    Is that in the middle, showing the lyrics, a TV or a projector?

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