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Tiny Windows

Anna Ruth Johnson from Haran Baptist Church in Roanoke, VA brings us this stained glass window look.

From Anna: We chose a stained-glass window theme for an evening praise and worship service. To accompany the projected images of stained glass, I used the shape of a cathedral window and cut panels from black foam board to cover the sanctuary walls. I backed the panels with silver mat board (used for picture framing) to reflect the light and we lit them with LED par can lights. We used landscaping fabric to fill in between the panels and cover the existing wall light fixtures.

We have a traditional sanctuary and our designs need to be temporary and easily removable. We’ve found that foam board and landscaping fabric are both great resources for our larger-scale ideas.

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6 responses to “Tiny Windows”

  1. Donald Habersack says:

    who can I contact to have 4 of these made

  2. Eddie Pruitt says:

    I like this design. Our sanctuary is very traditional (colonial). I have been searching for a design to blend modern and traditional. I think this is it. What are the sizes of the window pane cut-outs and spacing between? I suspect the lights shine from behind?

    • Anna Ruth Johnson says:

      Eddie, these are actually lit from the front–we backed them with silver mat board to reflect the light. But if you had room to light them from behind you could back them with something transparent. We’ve done designs like that and backed them with gossamer (sheer) fabric.

      The panes are 5 inches square with 3/4 inch between them horizontally and 1 1/2 inches vertically.

      • Eddie Pruitt says:

        Anna, thanks for the reply. I am gathering materials and planning to implement. If you don’t mind I have one more question. Where did you get your template for the pattern at the top of the panes? Or are you very artistic and just drew it yourself?

        • Anna Ruth Johnson says:

          I’m not that artistic! I copied it from a photo of a cathedral window. Contact me at haranbaptist [at] gmail [dot] com and I’ll be glad to send you the template.

  3. Andrew says:

    This is amazing! I was thrown off by the scale – I thought the panels were much bigger. It tricked me into thinking that your tiny stage was actually a huge space with the singers at the front of the stage.

    Thank you for the pic of the stage under normal light.

    Crazy good!

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