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Dylan Casey from One Church Joplin in Joplin, MO brings us this unique use of paint swatches.

Their stage design is based on Coroplast and paint swatches. They used white Coroplast which can be purchased many different places, but they went through a company that has many locations called Regal Plastics. The plastic sheets come in 4’x8′ and run about $12/sheet.

They created their text boxes in Illustrator, saved them as a DWG file and sent them to a local business that does laser cutting. This can also be cut with a water jet cutter as well. Both have become fairly common.

They used 1 sheet to make their graphic and then made the audio waves with a variety of paint swatches picked up from a local hardware store for free.

They hung the letters using 1/2″ staples and a normal desk stapler to hang the swatches.

The only tools needed were a ladder, stapler, a level and a tape measure.

They used the level to keep the paint swatches uniform and neat.

The total cost in this design is less that $25 and really produces a lot of bang for the buck.

Pallet Segmented Shooting Stars

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