Stage Designs

Shooting Stars

Sean Bolinger from Christian Faith Center in Federal Way, WA brings us this epic stage design.

For this set they wanted to use LED strips in a way that diffused them since they had many looks in the past where they were in direct view of the audience. They have a very large white cyc that spans the back of their stage so they decided to hang LED’s behind it to give a diffused look.

First they took the LED’s and attached them to 1/2″ square metal tubing to make a 16′ rigid. Then they took floor to ceiling pipes and placed them ten feet apart across their back wall and then zip tied the LED’s to the pipes in a random diagonal pattern. After that, they just closed the cyc in front of them.

Next was the pillars. They actually were pieces from a previous set. They are basically wood frames with white backing and on the inside they lined them with LED strips and then placed a thin opaque plastic across the front, then built a frame around the front to finish the look. They hung the three pillars from their catwalks with aircraft cable and the other four were just screwed to the ground to complete the look.

This look was achieved with spending no money since all of the materials were recycled from previous sets. If they were to have purchased it all, it would’ve cost around $1300.

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