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Pallet Segmented

Kevin Macklin from River Hills Church in Gresham, OR brings us this unique use of pallets.

From Kevin: This design was recycled from as old pallet tree design. We made three wooden panels, the outer two with wooden crosses on them, and the middle one with the word Jesus in jigsawed wooden letters. Each panel was suspended from ceiling via parachute cord and hooks (this should be done with a proper rigging system).

The Crosses and “Jesus” were mounted about 2-3 inches out from the panels on small blacks, and we ran Christmas lights behind them to give them a glowing kind of effect. Each panel was also lit from below with an LED flat par.

Middle Panel: This panel was made by taking the top 2 feet or so off the top of two pallet trees and nailing them top-to-top. It took a lot of bracing and ended up being pretty heavy. After that we cut traced out JESUS in pencil on three pieces of 1×4 boards and cut them out with a jig saw. Each piece of each letter was attached to the panel via one or two blocks from the pallets.

Outer Panels: For these, we laid out the wood pieces on the floor and then for support, covered long 2×1’s with gaff tape so they would not show, and screwed those into the uncovered wood perpendicularly. The crosses were stained 4×1 that were attached with blocks just like the middle panel.

Upper Curtains: These were leftover from a wedding, it’s almost like scrim, but not quite, it’s a bit more transparent i think. We lit these from each side with one LED flat par each.

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