Stage Designs

Blinder in an Arch

Dominik Mack from Christus Zentrum Weinstadt in Weinstadt, Germany brings us this cool youth room.
This design was for their New Years party. They used a Sunstripe Matrix for the blinder on the truss, and controlled it using freestyler and the regular LED light and Cuelux for the moving lights.

They got most of the materials for free from a rental lighting company.
4x GLP Impression Spot One RGB Movinghead
2x DJ Power DSK-1000V Fog Machine
10x Pin Spots
18x Sunstripes
4x SGM P-2
4x SGM Q-2
10x Cameo RGBWA+UV

The whole set and idea was created by three 16/17 year old volunteers. The staff just helped organize the material and checked their work.






Criss Cross Trees Sliced

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