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Reverse Tree

Michael Martin from TrueNorth Church in North Augusta, SC brings us this cool Christmas chandelier for their stage.

From Michael: Our main goal for this Christmas set was to move away from LED lighting. Our two previous set designs included heavy use of LED strip lighting. They were great sets, but we wanted to go for a warmer look that fit our team’s vision for Christmas. We landed with this design.


  • Lumber
  • Chain
  • Sockets
  • Lamp cable (bulk)
  • Chain hoist (1 ton)
  • Beam clamp
  • Party lights


For the wood for the chandelier, we used standard 2”x4”. The original concept was to repurpose older wood to get a rustic look, but we quickly realized this was not cost effective.

The best decision we made was using a chain hoist. The chandelier could have been hung with 2 scissor lifts, but the chain hoist allowed us to raise the chandelier to table height to be worked on. This made adjustments and adding the bulbs extremely easy (it is also lucky we have a main beam running down the middle of the stage).

Our par cans were mounted from our back truss. We attached the 10’ sticks of uni-strut with U-bolts.

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One response to “Reverse Tree”

  1. Jerry Haukedal says:

    Our church is thinking of doing this design. A couple of questions:
    1. Do you have an estimated weight of the chandelier?
    2. What is the dimension of the large square frames? I’m assuming 12′ x 12′ as this is the longest dimensional 2x4s available in our neck of the woods.
    3. What did you use for the tree material and how did you prop it up.

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