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Bright and Cheery

Josue Ramirez, Stacy Morales & Natalia Delgado from Cristo a las Naciones, Heredia, Costa Rica in Heredia, Costa Rica brings us this bright stage design.

This design was inspired by Varied Lines.

Looking for inspiration, they found Varied Lines design. They looked for a cheap way to do something similar.


  • 50 color cardboard sheets (25 of each color, but they didn’t use them all)
  • Masking tape

Budget: less than $40.

decoracion-now-setiembre-2016-1 decoracion-now-setiembre-2016-2

Pixel Break Out Diamond Bright

One response to “Bright and Cheery”

  1. Josh Clarke says:

    Mae vea que vara mas tuanis! Bendiciones desde Miami!! Pura Vida!

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