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Diamond Bright

Robert Walker from Crossway Church in Vicksburg brings us this nice use of DIY LED tape.

From Robert: We wanted a stage that said wow, but didn’t break the bank! We built (4) 8×8 diamonds. The materials included (8) 4×8 1/4 plywood, (38) 8′ 2×2 boards, (28) 8′ LED strips, and (8) LED DMX controllers and power supplies for the controllers. For construction we put (2) of the 4×8 plywood side by side to make one 8×8 diamond and screwed in an 8′ 2×2 on every edge. Then we cut (2) of the 2x2s in half to make them 4′ and made the middle diamond, and then we cut 13 inch pieces to make the small center diamond. We used 2″ screws to secure all the 2×2 strips onto the plywood. Once the wood diamonds were all made, we “stapled” the LED strips to the inside face of the 2×2 strips (see photos). This is where we had to come up with a magic trick. Regular staple guns are too narrow for the LED lights we bought making the staples go through the strip. We used this staple gun that used staples that were just a tad wider and they worked perfect to secure the lights to the 2x2s. We got two of these from home depot and went to town. Look at the photos, we put the LED strips on the inside of the large diamond, we put LED strips on the inside AND outside of the middle and center diamonds, giving all the strips different channels in our DMX system. We already had 2×2 strips mounted to our back wall, making it easy to hang the diamonds and hide the wires behind them. This entire project ran about $200-250 per diamond.

2016-09-12-1 2016-09-12-2 2016-09-12 diamonds img_1138

Bright and Cheery Falling on My Stage

One response to “Diamond Bright”

  1. Derrick Davis says:

    Absolutely fantastic! Worship was illuminated 10fold!

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