Special Event Design

Call Me Ishmael

Katie from South Palm Community Church in Lake Worth, FL brings us this whale tale stage design for their series on Jonah.

They started the set with two water lights ($150 each) that they shined on the sides of the stage.

To create the whale, they used leftover styrofoam from a previous set. They created the whale and the waves in front of it from that. To cut it out, they used an electric carving knife. The whale and waves took about five minutes to cut. Then they painted the whale a light blue and the waves a darker blue.

Then they hung paper lanterns with blue and green lightbulbs in them to add a bubble theme.

They also added some glass blocks on the stage with some LED lighting behind them.

They added a bubble machine behind the whale and waves for an added dynamic element. They also hooked a PVC pipe up to a fog machine pointing through the whale’s blow hole.

The whole set cost around $350 and took about 10 hours to complete.

Check out Katie’s site, ChurchStageDesign.org for more of their stuff.

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